2017 Reviews
"This is one of the most uplifting new
releases i've heard all year!"

Sandy Shores...CEO

smoothjazz.com Global Radio

"Al puts sophistication into every chord
and every note with a style that is addictive,
smooth and stunningly polished.  His melodies
are rhythmically captivating and irresistible,
with a sound that belongs to no one but himself."

Stu Berketo...
 Wave FM 94.7
Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Review and write up 
Gary James...
Wave FM 94.7

"One of the smoothest guitarist
on the jazz scene"

Craig Roulhac...
administrator and founder
of Spotify Smooth Jazz Playlists


"It's hip tunes with high energy."

Ric Gould...
KXPT Las Vegas NV.

" I like it !!!"

Pat Hall...
WSNC Radio
Winston-Salem North Carolina

'Al Gomez..Simply awesome, a grand
master with his smooth jazz guitar..master
original melodies with just the right 
smooth jazz hooks.'

Doug Sinclair..
Smooth Jazz Florida